The Jury

The Jury Committee is composed of experts in the design field.
The Jury members discuss everyday problem solving.

For the screening, the jury are looking at creative ideas whether the design’s theme is sustainable and solves the problems involved with the city life
Ahmad Bukhash Ahmad Bukhash
Ahmad Bukhash
Architecture & Urban Planning
UAE(Middle East)
  • Director of Urban Planning at the Dubai Development Authority
  • Chief Architect and Founder - ARCHIDENTITY
Birgit Lohmann Birgit Lohmann
Birgit Lohmann
Art, Design, Architecture
  • Founder designboom, founder not-compromised
Dominique Sciamma Dominique Sciamma
Dominique Sciamma
Global Design, Interaction design, Design Education
  • Director & Dean, CY school of design
Don Tae Lee Don Tae Lee
Don Tae Lee
Industrial Design
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • Design Strategy Center, Lotte Corporation President
Eun Sook Kwon Eun Sook Kwon
Eun Sook Kwon
Design Education & Strategy Development, Human-Centered Design & Technology
Republic of Korea(Asia)/USA(North America)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Chair and Professor
Ezio Manzini Ezio Manzini
Ezio Manzini
Design for social innovation
  • President, DESIS
  • Honorary Professor, Politecnico di Milano
Hicham Lahlou Hicham Lahlou
Hicham Lahlou
Design Education & Strategy Development, Human-Centered Design & Technology
  • Founder, Africa Design Academy&Organization
  • Regional Advisor, Africa of World Design Organization (WDO)
Hyunsun Kim Hyunsun Kim
Hyunsun Kim
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • President, Korean Federation of Design Associations
  • President, kimhyunsunDESIGN
Mariana Amatullo Mariana Amatullo
Mariana Amatullo
Design Education & Strategy Development, Human-Centered Design & Technology
USA(North America)
  • Vice Provost and Associate Professor, Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design, The New School
Patricia Moore Patricia Moore
Patricia Moore
Industrial Design/Graphic Design/Gerontology
USA(North America)
  • President & Founder, MooreDesign Associates
  • Selected the World Design Medal winners (2022) of World Design Organization (WDO)
Pradyumna Vyas Pradyumna Vyas
Pradyumna Vyas
Industrial Design and social design
  • President-Elect, World Design Organization (WDO)
Sevra Davis Sevra Davis
Sevra Davis
Architecture, Urban Design, Design Innovation, Design for Social Change, Social Innovation
  • Director of Architecture Design and Fashion, British Council
Tek-Jin Nam Tek-Jin Nam
Tek-Jin Nam
Industrial Design, Interaction Design
Republic of Korea(Asia)
  • Professor, KAIST