This is the detailed information about the application and reviewing process
for the Human City Design Award.

Less than 5 years’
implemented design

projects that contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable relationship
between human and human,
human and society,
human and the environment
human and nature
Official Schedule 2022
The Next Call for Entries coming up in Oct.


Judging Criteria

Problem solving
for urban life

Does the theme deal with public
design issues such as city, life,
people, society, environment,
nature and etc to create a sustainable
and harmonious human city?

Global value

Does the perspective of solving
design problem have a ripple
effect that is creative, solved by
participation and cooperation,
and can be expanded and shared globally?

Provide vision
for the future

Does the design contribute to
the vision of a sustainable,
future-oriented world culture
and civilization where humans
and the environment coexist in harmony?

Screening Process

1st round screening


2nd round screening

2nd round screening
select around 10
teams for honorable

3rd round Final screening

  • PT & Live Interview of
    honorable mention
  • Select Grand Prize and
    Safety & Security Award
  • Separate selection of
    ‘Citizen’s Award winner’



※ Some changes may be made when announcing in October.

See you in October with a new award!
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If you know the project that matches the value of the Human City Design Award, please report it to us.
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Deadline is 31 October 2021