We compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the application and
reviewing process for the Seoul Design Award 2024.

※ The Frequent Asked Questions was last updated on April 1.

Entry Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for this award if you studied a design-related major, or you are a designer (planner) with design experience who has conducted a sustainable project pursuing harmonious relations among people, society and environment. <br><br>When a planner and designer jointly apply for this award, a designer shall apply for the award as a representative and companies, governments and organizations can be indicated as a planner.

This award consists of two areas.<br>For Area One, you can submit only the projects that have been realized within the past five years, i.e. those projects implemented later than May 29th, 2019. (Projects must be produced, launched, and open with users) <br>For Area Two, you can submit the project that have not been implemented yet, but the research should be on design project realization methods. with a plan for realization. (Realization methods: design mockups, various design prototypes, etc.)

Yes. You can add as many projects as you like under your registered e-mail on the submssion website.

You can re-submit the projects that have been submitted before.

Yes. All other projects not previously awarded, even if the winners or teams have won awards before, are eligible for submission.

Submission Method

You can submit your application via the submission system on the Seoul Design Award webpage: www.seouldesignaward.or.kr. <br>(You cannot submit your application in other ways, such as visiting the office or sending emails.)

The submission page will open only during the submission period from April 1 to 15PM, June 28, 2024 (Korean Standard Time). <br>If you have problems accessing the submission page during this period, clear cache and cookies and try again. As the issue may be related to the browser, try a different web browser. If the issue continues, send an email to seouldesignaward@seouldesign.or.kr with the information about your browser, OS environment and the error you are experiencing.

Use “Forgot Password” featured on the login page on the Submission Website.

No, the entry for is for free of charge. Seoul Design Award is a non-profit award.

The submission deadline is Friday, June 28, 2024, at 3:00 PM Korean Standard Time. Projects must be submitted by this time, and no modifications will be allowed after the deadline. Please ensure to submit well in advance of the deadline. <br>If you encounter a red warning sign, it indicates a submission failure, so please double-check that all fields are filled correctly. If you cannot identify the cause of the submission failure, please contact the Secretariat for assistance before the deadline.

Instructions for Filling out the Entry

Fill out the Entry form via the submission website linked via the Seoul Design Award webpage. Uploading images and videos is unlimited.<br>However, we recommend uploading the selected materials that are helpful for project descriptions. If you're sharing images or videos via cloud or separate platforms, please ensure that access permissions are granted.

No. The application must be filled out in English.

Provide detailed information on how you identified a problem in your daily life and the project you have conducted by including the core values of Seoul Design Award.

It means a submission of joint project under the name of organizations, institutes and/or companies. <br>If you don’t have any group name and want to receive the award as individuals, even though the project is submitted as a group, please indicate the names of (up to three) individuals who will receive the award. <br>If four or more designers participated in your project and you don’t have your group name, indicate your project name as the group name.

Depending on the characteristics of your project, you can select main and sub-design fields. <br>You can select all applicable fields, and such information will be used as a reference for the award secretariat.


The award secretariat will send an email around August or September to the applicants who have passed the second round of review process to request additional information and get answers for the final round of the review process.

Despite awarding only one team last year in the newly established [Area 2] Research Prize in 2023, it has garnered explosive global interest. To further contribute to shaping the future direction of design, we have increased the number of winning teams to four this year.

Submitters of [Area 1] Design projects in all areas realized within the past 5 years can choose to submit for the special category 'Issue of the Year(Digital) Prize' concurrently. Specifically, this prize is designed to acknowledges exceptional sustainable design projects leveraging innovative digital technologies to enhance people’s lives. Separate judging will be conducted for projects submitted under this special category.

In October, two teams will be selected from the top 10 teams through voting by both Koreans and Citizens worldwide accordingly.

The Seoul Design Awards is an international award that welcomes participation from all over the world. To provide guidance for participation from diverse countries, the announcement has been translated into 7 languages. However, notices in 5 languages other than Korean and English, translated to aid participants’ understanding, do not have legal effect. Please be sure to refer to the Korean or English notice, as interpretations of some meanings may differ during the translation process.