We compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the application and
reviewing process for the 2021 Human City Design Award.

Entry Qualification

Individuals or organizations who have experience in design-related field and worked on a project that has contributed to creating a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between human and human, human and society, human and the environment, and human and nature.

No, only projects that have been developed and implemented within the past 5 years are eligible, i.e., projects implemented later than October 31, 2016.

If you do not have a name for the group and want individual participants to receive the award, specify the names of participants. A maximum of three names can be written. In the case where the group name of a project involving four or more designers is not specified, we will use the project name for the group name.

Yes. However, the representative submitter must be a designer. The name of the municipality/local government can be written down as the group name. While the award itself is for all participants involved, the representative submitter will be the one receiving the award on behalf of the group.

Yes. Because only one project can be submitted per email count, you may submit your other projects using different email accounts.

Yes. Projects that were submitted for the 2019 and 2020 HCDA but did not make it to the list of finalists can be re-submitted.

Entry Fee

No, registration for HCDA is free.


The entire announcement period is from late July to October 31, 2021. The submission period is from September 1 to October 31. Application form can be filled out and submitted via the official website. (There will be no pre-submission period this year.)

Screening Process

Candidates for the third round of review will be contact individually for a request for presentation and live interview.

Submission Method

Fill out the application form from the submission page at the official website: www.humancitydesignaward.or.kr

Click on “Revise” in the application page, and you will be able to check and revise the application form that was submitted. This indicates that your application was submitted successfully.

In sign in page for revising, you can find your password.

Clear cache and cookies and try again. Or try a different web browser, as the problem may be related to the browser. If you are still facing problems, send an email to <span style="text-decoration: underline;">humancity@seouldesign.or.kr</span> with <span style="text-decoration: underline;">information about the browser used, OS environment, and the error.</span>

Choose ones that are the most appropriate for your project. Choose a main field and also a sub-field.

You may check all field that apply to your project. They are a reference for the admin.

YPlease send email to humancity@seouldesign.or.kr

Instructions for filling the application form

Please check the application page for details. Insert URLs for image and video files. The rest should be written in text format.

Provide specific details on how you identified a problem in the community, the process of stakeholder cooperation to resolve the problem, and the impact of the outcome on the local community. Each item is limited to 1,500 characters.

The image and video files will be used as reference during screening. We recommend that you adhere to the following name format:<br><br>※ Image File name format<br>Project name-process (Issue, Participation, Solution, Impact), the pictures of all process are required and a maximum of 3 pictures per process are accepted.<br><br>Ex)<br>1. ABCproject-Issue<br>2. ABCproject-Participation<br>3. ABCproject-Solution<br>4. ABCproject-Impact<br><br>※ Video File name format<br>01. Project name-video

No. Insert URLs in a column for image and video using cloud storage. Please make sure to <span style="text-decoration: underline;">provide permission for access</span> for the shared files.

No. The application form must be filled out in English. Application forms written in a language other than English will not be eligible for screening.

Types of Awards

An honorable mention is an award given to top 10 candidates who were not awarded the Grand Prize but nevertheless presented projects of exceptional merit. (Until last year, they were called finalists.)

The juries will carry out a separate screening process for design projects, regardless of their targets and fields, that provide creative solutions for safety and security among complex issues in the city and select one winner for the Safety & Security Award. Those selected for an honorable mention are also eligible. You must indicate whether you wish to apply for the “safety & security screening process” in the application form.

Among 10 honorable mentions selected by professional juries, one will receive the Citizens’ Award through citizens’ voting. Information of the voting will be updated in the [News] page of the official website.

Yes, you may receive more than one award.