We hope to become a forum for communication to create a sustainable daily life
where people and the environment coexist and a design platform for the world to learn together.

The Seoul Design Award is an international
accolade promoting sustainable daily life,
aligning closely with the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) set
forth by the United Nations.

The Seoul Design Award honors designers who have ingeniously tackled everyday challenges, fostering a harmonious and sustainable relationship between people, society, and the environment.

Since its inception in 2019, the award has discovered design solutions that enhance urban living globally. Subsequently, it has consistently showcased public design solutions driven by collaborative efforts to address common challenges in daily life, while also advocating for their widespread expansion.

What sets the Seoul Design Award apart from numerous other accolades worldwide is its focus on “acknowledging” and “encouraging” designers who have attempted to improve people's daily lives through creative solutions.

Now in its fifth year, the Seoul Design Award serves as a distinguished platform for designers who have made positive societal changes. It aims to disseminate worldwide various designs contributing to sustainable everyday living.

We firmly believe that design represents a gift from one human to another, and it is through your passionate creations that humanity is bestowed with the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Together with you, the Seoul Design Award will continue to propagate the significance of design in shaping a brighter future for every individual on our ever-evolving planet. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with nations worldwide, collectively envisioning the trajectory of the future and welcoming innovative proposals. We ask for your interest and participation to this end.

CEO, Seoul Design

KyungDon Rhee
대표이사 사인